Maybe the guy’s a Catholic (I didn’t watch the video) to talk about apostolic succession, so delete that, but this quote really resonated with me:

The way in which Christianity spread through the world – the Apostolic succession, with one individual handing belief on to another – that is the only way in which the world can be converted.  I am not predicting success or failure.   I am just saying that is the only thing I could do and the only thing I should do.

He apparently makes a parallel between the gospel and political instruction. I bring it back to the spiritual realm.

What can one person do? Teach. And not teach any mere subject, but the gospel which saves, handing on, passing forward, braving outward, with the news that can convince, convert and transform. Ours is not to guarantee success. But the proclamation of the gospel, one to one, is the only thing I can and should do.

What do you think?