love God

As was his custom, Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem to teach. Perhaps in a moment of rest—for every teacher needs a sip of water—he began observing.

Then he sat down opposite the offering box, and watched the crowd putting coins into it.
Mark 12:41 NET

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus points to the poor widow as an example of the first commandment, about which he had taught just hours before (verses 26-31).

She gave two lepton, a coin of very little value, minted in a crude form with a stamp almost always off-center. She only had two, and gave them both. She did what the rich young ruler refused to do (10:21).

The widow makes a contrast to the religious authorities who devoured widow’s property (verse 40). She is the face of those unprotected people whom Jesus releases when he purified the temple (11:15-19).

Jesus observes me as well. He knows, and comments to the Father, if I love God or the praise of men. He knows if religion is a means of gain for me or the true search of God. He knows if I am tilling the vineyard in order to bear fruit for the Lord or if I’m plotting to keep it all (12:1-12).

Father, I have little, but I give it to you, from whom come all good things of this life, and from whom we receive the resurrection of life for eternity. The Lord sees in me what no one notices. Amen.

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