I think I found it here. The old list, brazil@associate.com has served well. But two factors necessitate a change.

First, we’re moving from an exclusively Brazil emphasis to a global concern. This already happened some time ago, but with the GoSpeak site earlier this year, we’ve heightened that focus. Now we want the mission ministry email list to reflect that broadened approach.

Second, the double-opt-in feature, while protecting me and subscribers, puts up a few hoops for people to jump through that often become barriers.

Unless I miss my guess, this site at posterous will do very nicely, thanks.

Subscribers to the old list may unsub from the link at the bottom of any email coming from the Brazil list.

To subscribe to the GoSpeak email list, just click on “Subscribe to this posterous” under “Subscribe” at the bottom of this page. Or, if you prefer, the RSS option is also available.

Onward and upward!

What do you think?