They’re coming after your children.

The U.S. House passed Wednesday a mandatory national service bill. They’re coming to take your children away, uh huh.

by J. Randal Matheny

March with Obama’s volunteers,
Step in time — it’s mandatory;
For national service raise three cheers,
Salute his socialistic glory.

Goodbye, freedom; hello, Marx.

7 thoughts on “The march of Marxism

  1. Do you really believe all this nonsense? Boy, you Yanks sure have closed minds sometimes.

  2. Jon, I remember seeing and approving a post by you. Yesterday, our servers were updated, so I assume that the backup that was made before they were changed out must have just missed your post. My apologies.

    Want to try again?

  3. Well, it was a brilliant bit of verse, so hopefully I can recreate it from memory. 😉 something like:

    This blog post is misleading,
    I looked at the text of the story,
    From even a cursory reading,
    It’s obviously not mandatory.

    But seriously, I’m sure it’s possible for you to be critical of Obama and his policies without being deceptive. I understand that some folks are concerned about exactly what types of service would be included and that there is language that indicates someone is interested in the idea of whether or not mandatory service would be practical, but in terms of actual fact the bill the house passed is NOT a mandatory national service bill. Your statement is untrue, is it not?

    On several occasions I’ve seen Christians (often very patriotic ones) be highly critical of Obama’s desire to encourage public service and volunteerism. That, to me, is ironic.

  4. The new article you linked has an “updated” indicating that the language about considering a “…mandatory service requirement” was removed from the bill before the vote.

    Therefore, what little justification there was for saying it had an “authoritarian feel” is gone. It is NOT “a mandatory service bill” as you claimed. That is untrue. Furthermore, I think you’re on thin ice to claim to know that “Obama doesn’t want to encourage public service; he wants to require it.” I understand that it is your suspicion or your fear, but as far as I can tell it is based on flimsy evidence. The “Marxist” hyperbole too.

    Obama Derangment Syndrome is no more admirable than Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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