The Lord

The Lord is good — a fortress, indeed,
For those in distress, for times of need;
The Lord protects the small and weak,
Who come for refuge, who knock and seek.

The Lord shows mercy — he hears the pleas
Of the poor, all human suffering sees,
He welcomes the humble, breaks the proud,
Gives hope to those whose necks are bowed.

The blessing from the Lord I receive
Is promised as well to all who believe;
To him each one is a precious soul —
His presence makes the wanderer whole.

Yes, wanderer in the world was I,
Who quaked with fear and questioned why,
Who doubted truth, in desire died —
But God became Savior, friend, and guide.

Our God is one — the Lord is great,
His holy path is narrow and strait;
Though all the world may go astray,
Until the end I’ll follow his way.

J. Randal Matheny

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