Since yesterday was a holiday in Brazil, this week starts today for our Portuguese-language devotional. Here’s the translation.

The mighty God, the LORD, has spoken; he has summoned all humanity from east to west!
Psalm 50:1 NLT

Be it in judgment or salvation, in word or action, God speaks. He is not mute, but communicates his will and his doings to the world. He registers in holy Scripture his history with humanity and with his people.

We don’t have to guess about what he does nor what he wants. And there is no room for speculation nor modification.

The God who created man as a communicative creature is also a communicative God.

Have you heard him recently?

If you want to read it in Portuguese, go to this link.

EXTRA IN ENGLISH. Psalm 50 proclaims the judgment of God against his people because, as he said, “you refuse my discipline and treat my words like trash” (v. 17). It is a call to repentance (v. 22) to an ungrateful people (v. 23). The judgment of God is a part of the gospel message. When Paul preached to the governor Felix “about faith in Christ Jesus,” his subjects included righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgment (Acts 24:24-25). Without the understanding of the consequences of sin, there is no appreciation for salvation nor motivation to obey the gospel.

What do you think?