The last hours

Just a few hours before travel time from Brazil to U.S. Last thoughts.

  • During the last hours one cuts to the essentials, to what must be done before leaving. Much like life in Christ, is it not? Our departure is at hand, for he may come at any hour. Every moment is precious, as we consider what is truly important.
  • ¬†Brethren and friends here have been wonderful, though we’ve nearly died from food overdose. Have eaten out, twice treated, three times in last three days: Italian, pizza, churrasco (Brazilian barbeque). I wanted to lose a bit of weight before traveling, because I always gain during our U.S. trips. I’m weighing now more than I ever have. The cost of fellowship?
  • The prospects of losing our main support do not leave us discouraged nor fearful of leaving the field. We’ve always said we will not leave because of money. If Paul could make tents, if our Lord could work as a carpenter, we can devote ourselves to a paid job to continue our task here, albeit in limited form.
  • If we lose support, it is an opportunity to find others who will be involved with us, perhaps even more so, by prayers, visits and perspectives. If we keep support, it may be moment to strengthen our ties with our supporter, which will be a blessing also. Either way will bring the Lord’s benevolent hand to bear upon us.
  • I wrote on my UPLift/Your Day to Shine twitter: “Travel broadens the horizons. Home expands the heart.” Travel is good, but I love my home, my family, my work, my life, my Lord. Oh, but life in the Lord is a wonderful thing, even if we had none of these, and these are special gifts of God.

Time to pack. We leave in less than six hours.

J. Randal Matheny

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