The Grace of Gratitude

This by J. Harold Gywnne, from what I can find, a Presbyterian minister from the early 20th century.

I read it first here. It’s a nice little read.


As we receive Thy bounties, Lord, of raiment, shelter, food,
Inspire within our minds and hearts the grace of gratitude.
All gifts and blessings that we know come from they gracious hand;
Thy overruling love and power encompass sea and land.
The sun that shines, the rains that fall, the soft, blue sky above;
The winds that blow, the clouds that drift, are tokens of Thy love.
The orchards bearing ripened fruit, the fields of golden grain,
The trees and flowers everywhere Thy mercies, Lord, contain.
Creator of these lives of ours, with every gift endued,
May all our days and years express, the grace of gratitude.
— Harold Gwynne

J. Randal Matheny

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