Today seems to be taken with the gospel of Mark, chapter 1, the reading from the daily Bible schedule. Both my Forthright editorial, “Prepare the Way, Before the Time,” and a TFR thought, focusing on Jesus as a man of action, are based on it. There’s still time for you to jump in and do this yearly New Testament reading with us, because it starts today. One chapter a day, weekdays only. Start right here: Mark 1.

This morning was productive, zipped by as I knocked out the tasks. Amazing how a new year re-energizes. Now to keep it up.

Have been looking for a hosted wiki or multi-author offering, in Portuguese, for a private group. Wanted to work on our agenda for Saturday with the men from Taubaté. Hard to find!

The Firstborn and wife will move to Nashville, after he landed a job where The Middleman works. He should start next week.

Will have to make new arrangements at the office for an Internet provider. The one I’m using is on the way out. It was convenient, but seein’ as how all good things come to an end …

John H. said that today the sun is at its closest point to the earth which should make it hotter here. But we’ve had rain for days, from a cold front down south, where it’s stays chilly, so that has kept our temps down. Today it didn’t get out of the 70s.

Hits are up these days on the websites. With the daily Bible reading schedule we’ve published in English and Portuguese, there are a lot of people looking for something like that.

Had a nice comment on FMag today. Reminds us that, although people don’t always comment, they’re reading and being edified. The Internet ministry does make a difference.

What do you think?