A special day today for Joel and Tansy, and my prayer in poetry for them.


For Joel and Tansy

Between you stands the sovereign Lord,
  Not to separate, but unite;
The triune God, a three-strand cord
  Will bind you in love, his grace your might,
His fellowship your sweet reward.

God joins for life your willingness,
  From this day forth the two are one,
And one your aim — refuse regress;
  With separate thoughts and paths be done!
This union God will bless and bless.

Your friends and loved ones wish you well,
  This second most important date;
Your parents’ hearts with gratitude swell
  For choosing wisely a Christian mate.
Let peal the joyous wedding bell!

Always see and always play
  The handsome groom and beautiful bride;
Let love and kindness ease your way.
  Young opportunity’s doors are wide,
The future’s yours to make today.

What do you think?