In spite of not being able to hook into the talkshoe system through skype, which caused a 20-minute delay, I was pleased with the first (and only?) Forthright Radio podcast this afternoon. The moment in the US after the shooting in Aurora CO seemed to call for some sort of live discussion. So Neal Pollard and Ron Thomas accepted the challenge.

• Neal shared a lot without much prompting needed, and that really made the whole program move along. Ron enriched the discussion with good comments. The planned 30 minutes stretched into a solid 45.

• Our hearts go out to the wounded, the emotionally scarred, and the families of the victims.

• I’ve been thinking more about audio/radio in the last year or so, since one of our main supporters has encouraged us to do that in Portuguese. The work in one language winds up influencing work in the other.

• Eight days with the flu. I’m almost there.

• My voice was raspier than usually on the audio. At least, perhaps it was legible.

• Guests for the night: Valéria with her two kids, after the party for Netinho at Paulo and Socorro’s house. She lives in São Paulo, attends SJCampos, so we were glad to give her a place to stay over.

• So do we plan another podcast? The heart says yes. The head asks where to stick it in the agenda.

What do you think?