The tenth day of the seventh month of Israel’s calendar marked a day unlike any other (see Leviticus 16). To the spiritually minded in Israel it was a day to be prepared for and longed for. It was a day of approach to God; indeed more closely than any other day of the year. It was the day the high priest and his family, the tabernacle itself, and the congregation were cleansed. It was the day that the high priest made atonement for the people of Israel. It was a day of great danger for the high priest, entering, as he did, into the holy of holies. It was a rite full of meaning for the children of Israel. It spoke of God’s desire to commune with His people. It spoke of God’s mercy and grace in making a way for Israel to approach God. It has great meaning for Christians as we consider that which is equivalent to the Day of Atonement in the New Covenant. via The Day of Atonement | The Preacher’s Files.

Eddie’s somber description of the Jewish Day of Atonement reminds us how precious Christ’s sacrifice is. Check out his article at the link.

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