After I travel to the U.S., you may not see many of these for a couple of months, so I’m doubling up this week, as the inspiration strikes. This one was written as a poetry exercise on a writing site, done in about 30-40 minutes. It shows it, say my critics.


by James Randal Matheny

The book contains our names,
And mine! Be I a James
Or Jane, a Sam or Sue,
There God remembers you
And me, his sacred list
Of those who bowed and kissed
The wounded feet of the Son,
Of those who ran and won
The prize. The book contains
The names who traveled the plains,
Braved the mountain heights,
And pierced the joyless nights,
For Jesus’ holy cause,
Without a moment’s pause,
And never a backward look.
And we with them! The book
Contains the names who believed,
Obeyed, by faith received
The gushing grace of God,
Who feel this day the prod
Of love, the searing fear,
Who speak of God come near.
These names are written bold,
Destined for streets of gold.
The Lord himself proclaims:
My book contains your names.

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One thought on “The Book Contains Our Names

  1. I think this poem is nice. I get it. It’s nice to know that God has our names in his book and that we matter to him that much! Good work. 🙂

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