I published this text today on the Portuguese website. Things do not look well for the church in Brazil, on the eve of the anniversary of the first mission team’s arrival in 1961.

There are brethren, supposedly mature, and so many others with two feet in the world, using a Facebook application to answer the most absurb and immoral questions about their friends.

There are speakers using foul language in their classes and sermons.

There are camp directors promoting casinos and soap operas in their sessions.

There are supervisors of congregations approving adultery in their midst.

This from the moral side.

From the doctrinal side, we have progressives, as they like to be called, using women to conduct their meetings.

They introduce instruments of music into the singing.

The substitute emotion for spirituality.

They separate salvation from immersion in water.

They teach that the Lord’s church is just another denomination.

They are still being embraced by everyone as if they were faithful brethren. They are being invited to speak, teach, and preach. Others are uncomfortable with them, but remain silent.

Meanwhile, the majority — yes, the majority — of the congregations are abandoning the Lord’s way. No effort is being made to keep them from leaving.

The body of Christ is sick.

Fortunately, Jesus is the Lord of the church. He will still rescue, as he always has, a remnant. But the ax is in his hand and will soon fall on the root.

5 thoughts on “The body of Christ is sick

  1. That is depressing…but it’s everywhere, and unless people call it out, it won’t change–and those who are faithful, or struggling to be faithful, won’t know where to turn.

  2. Randal, As I know you know, we must always remember our work is for the Lord, not for the pleasure of man. He always has enabled spiritually sound brethren like yourself to make that effort to keep them from leaving. Though I am speaking from a great distance and with limited knowledge, I do know that YOU are of the Lord. And, with only one, He can do great things! Steve

  3. We see the same things as you discuss in Tennessee and literally all over the world. Either we have not been taught well enough, or we know better and are openly defiant of the word of God. I thank God daily for the faithful congregations that are still standing for the truth. We must study and stand stronmg during this difficult time.

    • Hi, Mark. I suppose it has always been so, to one degree or another, so it’s not a motive for despair, but the situation does require due diligence. Thanks for your comment. I have two sons and DILs and a granddaughter in Tenn., right now.

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