Bible TeachingIn order to justify their error, many people like to think that the Bible permits a wide range of interpretations. When they see evidence that contradicts their opinion, they come out with, “That’s just your interpretation!”

But when the Pharisees saw this they said to him, “Look, your disciples are doing what is against the law to do on the Sabbath.”
Matthew 12:2 NET

Answering this accusation with two examples from Scripture (David and the priests) and another citation about the divine priorities (mercy over sacrifice), the Lord Jesus demonstrates that the Pharisees’ interpretation of the law was wrong.

Whether by tradition, in the Pharisees’ case, or by innovation, much in vogue today, people create their own wrong interpretations of the Bible. Except that Christ shows that the Word of God is not susceptible to a variety of interpretations. It’s either right or wrong.

We must be on the same page, when it comes to understanding the message of the Scriptures.

How to know? The Lord already gave one clue in this narrative: to study all the Bible has to say on a subject, without basing oneself on a single text and without fleeing from the sacred text.

Because the Son of man is Lord even of the interpretation.

One thought on “That’s just your (wrong) interpretation!

  1. Under, “How to know?” I would also include context. Taking a single verse here and a single verse there can be very misleading. I seldom use single verses in my preaching now. If I do, I also refer to and mention the context. Too many “private interpretations” result from using the verse here, verse there method.

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