Will you fail the test?

Perhaps because it is a commentary of John’s and not part of the narrative, some Bible versions place the following verse in parentheses. But the point is not parenthetical. It’s the lesson we need to learn.

(Jesus asked Philip this question to test him, because Jesus already knew what he planned to do.)
John 6.6 NCV

Jesus’ question about where to buy bread to feed the multitude was a test. Philip failed to respond in faith. Andrew came out a little better, but not by much.

Jesus will still perform the miracle and use the moment to increase the disciples’ faith.

And what about us? Jesus tests us each day, with apparently insoluble situations. Do we cry because of the seemingly impossible situation, or do we respond in faith?

What does a response of faith look like?

“Lord, I don’t know how this situation can be resolved. To my eyes, it appears impossible. I have no means to provide a solution. But I know that everything is possible for you, that you are in control of this situation, and that you will use it to your glory and so that the Good News will become even more known. Lord, I pledge my obedience in everything and wait upon your action.”

We ought to remember that Jesus already knows what he plans to do.

Will we pass the test? Or does Jesus still have much work to do in our case?

J. Randal Matheny

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