In The Pickwick Papers, Dickens has a character say of another that he was teaching little lessons to little boys. The phrase sounds sad to my ears. I want to teach great lessons to great servants of God. I want to pass on grand truths about God and eternity. While keeping our feet on the ground, I want to explore the wonderful themes of God coming to be among us and redeem us.

• A few days ago I surpassed the number of 2,500 “friends” on Facebook. But don’t tell anybody. The last time I announced a number, some people unfriended me. Maybe they felt I was counting heads instead of making friends. Not my intent, but if you don’t know a person well, how can you tell?

• Mr. Editor Weylan Deaver published my article, “A smarter way to social networking,” on Biblical Notes. A different article for that publication, but he was willing.

• Our prayers ascend for John and Judy Henson. Her mother passed away today. She was a Christian.

• Did you read my short “Ode to Bacon (the Meat)“? Inspired by a photo and a bit of chat on FB.

• Working with small groups, you get used to wild vacillations in participation. We have a weekly home Bible reading group on Wednesdays, for evangelism, mainly. One week, 14; another, 4. Goes with the territory.

• A couple visited the Taubaté church a couple of weeks ago. The wife came back Sunday. They found us through the church website. Good, no?

• Last, a verse, in the spirit of the desires of the first paragraph. “Come children! Listen to me! I will teach you what it means to fear the LORD” (Psalm 34:11 NET).

Be blessed tonight!

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