God makes beautiful things. Creation leaves us amazed with the touch of his hand. It’s no wonder, then, that the divine religion is also a thing of beauty.

Tell slaves to submit to their own masters and please them in everything they do. They shouldn’t talk back or steal. Instead, they should show that they are completely reliable in everything so that they might make the teaching about God our savior attractive in every way.
—Titus 2:9-10 CEB

What makes God’s teaching attractive?

1. Practice. Many human doctrines are attractive, but impractical. God’s teaching can and must be practiced. It was given to us to be lived out in our daily affairs.

2. Consistency. Even pagans appreciate integrity. Hypocrisy is universally condemned. Consistency is agreement between doctrine and life. Paul wants to see the beauty of this teaching “in every way.”

3. Hope. God’s teaching is attractive because it rescues even the most hopeless situations, such as slavery. With God, one can show faith and hope, because he works in the most difficult circumstances.

Transforming God, I give thanks for your power and love which rescue our lives and make them attractive for the gospel.

Hold this thought: No greater beauty, no life more blessed,/ Than he whose life by Christ possessed.

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