Eliphaz and his friends offer some good advice to Job, but they make horrible application in his case. Among their good advice is this word, which is also found all across Scripture:

Accept instruction from his mouth
and store up his words in your heart.
Job 22.22 NET

Shortly, Eliphaz will have to accept instruction that comes directly from the mouth of God, Job 42.7-8. He will have to ask Job to make sacrifice for the friends and to pray for them.

Eliphaz stored up God’s words in his heart, because Scripture says that he and his friends “did as the Lord commanded them, and the Lord accepted Job’s prayer” Job 42.9 NLT.

Through Job’s sufferings, his friends found forgiveness. May it also be so today.

Before offering a word of correction to others, we ought to verify if we are speaking what is right about God and doing what the Lord commands us.


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