Writers who say they don’t have time to share their links out on the Internet, among social media (i.e., more than just Facebook), are often wasting their time, or not using it wisely, because few if any read what they write when they fail to follow through. Like it or not, a writer must be a marketer. Or, if you prefer, an evangelist. He must get out there where the people are. And he must get his writings out there as well. The more people read what he writes, the more his time dedicated to writing is well spent. And, nowadays, everybody is a writer, so this applies to you, too.

On an open-source social media in a far, far realm of virtual space, where only plain text finds a place upon a user’s wall, where the mark of a writer is the strength of his word, did appear these brief and simple lines lauding that plane supporting the tools of tongue and trade.

And here may you, who were, among all mankind, the recipients of that missive containing these lines, speak to their creator.

Be you worthy, beware your speaking, and bear well your privilege.


UPLift logo
UPLift logo

The authors group on FB has been growing slowly but surely, seems to be taking off now. It’s a place to find out what’s being published in the brotherhood. Worth your while if you’re on FB. The UPLift group is another growing one—why can’t people just sign up to my site or list? (I created the UPLift logo all by my lonesome, one of the coolest visuals I’ve ever done. Whatcha think of it?) Continue reading

A church bulletin I received this week featured a friend’s article. I forwarded the bulletin on to my friend, who would not have otherwise known that they had published his article. He thanked me and seemed pleased, and I was glad to have encouraged him, if indeed it did.

In reply, I wrote him and said this: It may not work for others this way, but I usually feel more motivated and inspired to do more and better writing when I see that others use my material or benefit in some way from what I have written. Continue reading