Poetry as ambush

It is my belief that passions as strong as his are more likely to be countered by the unexpected force of poetry, which can ambush the human heart at any time.

via The Unexpected Force of Poetry

This is not why I write poetry. I write it because I must. I always have, since a child.

But Steven Lloyd’s point is valid, that the form of poetry and the content of Scripture as Story may gain a better hearing today. Poetry may be that sneaky approach that surprises and captures the reader.

I pray my poetry might have that capacity and that effect.


Why quiet on the southern front

Ye ole personal site has been quiet of late, much work on several Brazilian projects. But you may assuage your grief with my newest Corollaries segment here, highlighting items about the letter to the Philippians, among other subjects.

The Fellowship Room may get moved off the WordPress hosting service, to our own. Advantages are no ads, plus use of plugins (like a Bible highlighter). The big disadvantage is getting the Fellows moved over. Continue reading “Why quiet on the southern front”

Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music

The morning is well along, and I’m still at home working from my 5.30 am awakening. We might get some rain today, and temps ought to be lower than yesterday, but still warm.

Good moment for tea and muffins, to the sound of some Hawaiian music, out on the back porch.

Posts that came online since I laid my head down last night are the daughter’s OK-corralling and my BNC editorial on embracing the risk of mission. Continue reading “Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music”

Heavy stomach, light heart

Bom dia, amigos! Good morning, friends!

Stomach feels a bit heavy after a great Brazilian cookout last night, but we’re good to go today on this Lord’s Day. We’ll lunch with friends out of town, in Tremembé, invited so we can encourage some folks who lost their father suddenly. Then on to regular commitments today in Taubaté and SJCampos.  I pray your day holds as much opportunity! Continue reading “Heavy stomach, light heart”

Time well spent for writers

Writers who say they don’t have time to share their links out on the Internet, among social media (i.e., more than just Facebook), are often wasting their time, or not using it wisely, because few if any read what they write when they fail to follow through. Like it or not, a writer must be a marketer. Or, if you prefer, an evangelist. He must get out there where the people are. And he must get his writings out there as well. The more people read what he writes, the more his time dedicated to writing is well spent. And, nowadays, everybody is a writer, so this applies to you, too.