WordPress has updated its software to use what they call Gutenberg editor. We’ll be evaluating it over the next few weeks, but some say it’s not a good move. It appears to complicate usage for people who just want to get in and write.

So if you see some bumps in our sites, please be patient. We use WP on most everything we do online. So far, the update has been made only to my personal site. We may put off changes, or install the classic editor to see how long we can put off the inevitable.

Change is a constant. There can be downsides to change, and sometimes it can provide great opportunity. If these modifications to WP represent a watershed, we’ll look for the silver lining in the cloud.

To this day I’m not sure of the difference between an aside and a status post, as WP formats. Jetpack says the former is FB-like, the latter Twitter-like. So the latter is shorter than the former? Are FBers more long-winded? (BTW, like the new theme? There’s a reason; post upcoming.)

WordPress is a blessing. Most of our sites use it. Having many theme options also provides us with many choices. So this tongue-in-cheek WordPress theme dictionary, with sarcasm and fun, comes from one who truly appreciates the work of the people behind it.

After hours of searching for themes and looking at hundreds of them, I made up a short list of words and phrases that WordPress theme developers use to describe their creations. Here they are, in no particular order. Continue reading