Hard Lessons

How much we have to learn! — Hard lessons
They must be, for God returns
And again to teach them. So we pray
To be good students, saved from suffering
Repeated pains, for lack of wisdom.

Glory for aging

To grow old is a blessing from God. It has the potential to bring wisdom and prepare us better for eternity. The passage of years provides better perspective. With the decline of physical strength, God provides spiritual stamina. Praise be to the Ancient of Days for aging!

Glory for highest

God exists. He inhabits the highest heavens. He reveals mysteries to mankind. He uses the evil of man to make his glory known to all. He blesses his people with wisdom to shine the light of truth to all nations. God is great! Praise him for his wisdom!

Life Upward

    Proverbs 15.24

The path of life goes upward for the wise,
He eschews the way of evil, sin, and lies;
Where Jesus is, he seeks the things above,
For pure intent, for loyalty and love.

This path will keep the wise from going down
To death’s dark place, where men in sorrow drown;
His sight is always fixed on heaven’s heights,
The goal of faith, and source of angels’ flights.

The way where Jesus went to prepare a place,
Makes living here on earth a joy—the space
Between this earth and heaven the Lord made short:
We walk already in God’s celestial court.

Glory for availability

God is the source of all wisdom. He has made it available to the person who searches for it like silver or hidden treasure. God straightens the paths of those who acknowledge him in all their ways. He disciplines those he loves. By wisdom the Lord laid the foundation of the earth and brought salvation in his Son to the world. Obey and give glory to God!

See Proverbs 1-3.

‘Use freedom wisely, spread freedom widely’

Lately, I’ve migrated back somewhat to Twitter, though I’ve not left off the open-source alternatives. As I was adding a new feed today, there was no good list that it fit, so I created a new one: “Freedom, Free Enterprise.” In the space for the description of the list, I wrote the phrase: “Use freedom wisely, spread freedom widely.” (That’s original with me, BTW; you can tell I’m proud of it.) Continue reading “‘Use freedom wisely, spread freedom widely’”

The great frustration

Every time I see that alcohol commercial about the world’s most interesting man, I don’t know whether to puke or to laugh. Underneath, you can almost sense the irony of those who know the truth about alcohol. The appeal is so straightforward: Drink our product, and attract women like ripe fruit attracts flies. “Come, all you dullards and dummies, drink up and find the secret to being cool and sexy.” Yeah, right.

In that great Book of Despair, the wise man writes about his wide and varied experiences, none of which really brought him satisfaction. He wrote about wine and women, wealth and winning, worldliness and wisdom. Continue reading “The great frustration”