Yesterday Internet access was intermittent, mostly down. I blame it for missing my FMag editorial. If you can’t find a person to blame, technology is a wonderful scapegoat.

Finally remembered the password to my Kindle. It had gotten cobwebs. Started reading an Agatha Christie book which I got on Amazon for free. Continue reading

• The Missus and The Maiden caught the fourth Johnny Depp pirate movie today for about $4 each. I wasn’t up to yet another foul-smelling Depp movie. One was great, two was OK, three was testing my patience. Four is a no-go for me.

• Yesterday morning we meet with three Events on the way to church.

  • (1) The electric company had turned off the lights in our neighborhood so they could sink new poles in the ground and had about a half-mile stretch of the main avenue out of our area down to one lane;
  • (2) Some school — and there are many of those our way — sponsored a parent-kid bike ride out our way (we’re the region of Preference for such). Was gonna be interesting as they went back out the one lane beside the electric trucks;
  • (3) The Colinas Mall sponsored some sort of foot race, so at the intersection, one could only turn left, which, fortunately, was the direction we wanted to go.

• Jon Warnes’s 100 Days of Scripture on Facebook really took off. I think we’ve got Richard H. set up to send out the Bible verses by email. Gonna see if we’re too old to memorize. Give it a try?

• In June, gonna make a change with FMag, make or break. Also must nail down details for the resurrection of the Brazilian mag. Did you catch my editorial today, with Romans 16:16 as its jumping point?

• The TFR Fellows think that just because it’s Memorial Day they can take off. Imagine that. Everybody else in the rest of the world is working today. Four measly posts so far today, and count how many of those your good and gracious editor made.

• The temps were chilly this morning. When I checked about 9 a.m., my e-thermometer reported 50ºF. Had to have been colder than that earlier, down in the high 40s. For here, with no indoor heating, brick-and-mortar construction, and tile floors, that’s cold!

• Remember this: any time someone talks down the Bible, it’s almost certain he seeks to diminish its authority in our lives and to undermine the Lordship of Christ. There just might exist some bibliolater out there somewhere, but it makes a perfect straw man for those who want to decentralize the Word of God in the life of the saint.

Here are some items of interest from our city and region.


SJCampos celebrated its 242nd birthday on Monday. The city goes back to a Jesuit settlement around 1590, but recent official proclamations making it a municipality or some such is the chosen date. I personally like the older one. (Photo above: Avenida Tivoli, a few blocks from my office.) Continue reading

We’ve had heavy rains since we returned. Tonight, after supper, we got sleet, “pedras de gelo”, or ice rocks, as Brazilians call them.

Leila’s new friend from down the street spent the late afternoon and evening with her. I’m glad she has someone close to pass the time with. Her friend seems to come from a solid, moral religious family.

Last night I had stomach problems, not the doubling-over kind I used to have, but the esfirras from Habib’s did not do me well. I’m also in detox from our USA splurges. From yesterday to today I dropped 1 kg.

The Brazilian weather service, INPE, forecasts much more lightning in 2008 than normal. Brazil is already the country where the most lightning strikes, so we’ll get more than our share this year.