The Maiden skipped out to the capital this afternoon, catching a ride with Jorge and Paula. She was to attend an evangelistic event tonight at the Ninth of July church, then go out with a group of young people to eat. She’ll spend the night with Jorge and Paula, then Paula will put her on the bus for home in the morning.

Very heavy rain tonight on the way home from the church in Taubaté. I might have averaged 70 km per hour on the Dutra interstate highway. Usually, such driving makes me nervous, but I was the cool cucumber tonight. After getting into town, the Missus and I got a bite at the mall, then brought home some doughnuts and made Earl Grey tea. Ah!

An American brother in Christ came from Rio last night to SJCampos. He’s here on business, and wanted to meet with a congregation, so he flew from Rio to São Paulo, then hired a car here. Took us out to a fine restaurant, spent the night with us. Turned out his flight out of the airport here was earlier than he thought, so he had to leave right before our meeting started. He searched the Internet for someone else, in São Paulo, who he knew years ago. He didn’t find him, but found us. We’d never met before. Continue reading

paozinhosWhen I went to lunch, our padaria (bread store) was closed. I had eaten a piece of toast there between 10-10:30. The lady at the restaurant on the corner said it was full of police around 11:30. Wondered if they’d had a robbery. Wouldn’t be the first time. Still closed as of 1:30 p.m.

Perhaps somebody wanted a different kind of bread — without working for it. Continue reading