God gives us a sense of place. In his eternal plan, everything and everyone fits into his will. We do not know all the details, nor do we need to know, but the sovereign Lord holds all within his hand. He has tied us to himself, for our good. We have purpose, fulfillment, joy, reward, future, and empowerment. Let us give him glory in every word, deed, and thought!

What to do when differences arise between followers of Christ? Continue following Christ!

Therefore, accept one another, even as Christ has also accepted you, for the glory of God.
Rom 15.7 JRM

To accept means to receive, welcome, regard as worthy of fellowship and working together, in spite of failings and personal differences. Paul has used the word already twice before, in Rom 14.1,3. Paul uses it of Philemon’s acceptance of Onesimus, Phile 17. Continue reading


One bad apple spoils the others. That’s why we soon separate it from the others to avoid more spoilage. The same principle applies in the church.

After a first and second warning, have nothing more to do with a person who causes conflict, because you know that someone like this is twisted and sinful—so they condemn themselves.
Titus 3:10-11 CEB Continue reading