MissionsInterstate traffic on the way back from Taubaté wasn’t as bad as expected, even though 150,000 pilgrims went to see the Aparecida idol down the highway from us. Traffic was worse than normal, but not by much. Maybe the cold front discouraged people from getting out this holiday weekend.

• At Taubaté, I’m teaching Bible school using J.S. Williams’ book, What Is Christianity? as a base. Just finished up the section on the church. Next week: “Service and Evangelism.” I’ve been at this for a while.

• Speaking of service (including edification), the Vale churches are good at this, attentive and helpful. A brother in Christ from another city had two auto accidents near Taubaté. The first one, several years ago, killed his wife. The second, just a few months ago, put him in the hospital for surgery. Brethren from here visited and helped him both times. Humberto visited with him in his hometown and he testified how much he appreciated help from the good saints here. Continue reading

We’ve had a fast and wild ride over the past couple of months, while traveling in the U.S., enjoyable every step of the way. We’ve seen old and new friends, enjoyed the most blessed hospitality, shared special moments with family.

I’m tempted to start a list to share with you, but a third would have to be left out, and I’d forget another third worthy of mention. Continue reading

Lightning hit my laptop a couple of weeks ago while in Contagem teaching about the eldership. I got it back this afternoon from the Apple Store in Nashville. Their flat-rate fee saved me about $800. I’m a happy guy.

• The Maywood Missionary Retreat was a blessing to Vicki and me. Hearing speakers like Robert Martin, Ronnie Coleman, and Loy Mitchell, among others, was soul-stirring. Next year’s event will be May 9-11. Make plans to be present. Continue reading

* My flight departs Sunday night, arriving in Nashville Monday morning, Lord willing. You’ll see less of me on the Internet since we will be traveling extensively.

* The Firstborn celebrates his birthday today. He’s now a -niner. God bless him to serve powerfully.

* Having written two devotionals recently on power, this line caught my eye: “The reward of power is not for the timid.” How true! Continue reading

* Listen to a fine rendition of the hymn “In the Morning of Joy” and the newer “Dare to Stand Like Joshua.”

* Bad news on the laptop: lots wrong with it, technician thinks best to get another one. Taking it to US for definitive diagnosis at Apple. That means more time without it.

* More bad news, this time the car: needs new clutch and possibly wheel bearings. Think hundreds. Continue reading

TravelSome notes on our last days in the U.S., and return home in Brazil.

• My U.S. driver’s license was expiring this year. (We have legal residence in Ark.) Was in and out of the revenue office to renew it in 20 minutes. Even passed my eye test without glasses. But the license is good for only four years. Also checked on my voter registration: I’m still good to vote. I will definitely be voting in November, 2012.

• My uncle and aunt phoned and cancelled their camping trip. The contact on the phone said there was no activity at the campground: Everybody was staying in their campers under the air conditioning. Smart people. Parents and high school coaches ought to take a hint, doncha think?

• Seen on a TV ad: 1 out of two American men will get cancer, 1 out of 3 women. Nobody seems to find that strange. Just the way things are? It’s lifestyle, my friends, plain and simple, much of it because of diet (processed foods, fastfood). Other countries don’t have these statistics. Continue reading

I’ve not kept a written journal of observations and notes, but here are a few items off the top of my head.

• We’re enjoying time with family here in the U.S., a short trip, but full of good moments. Getting with a few friends as well. My prayer today for lunch with my parents and a couple who’ve been friends and overseeing elder for many years: “Father, we thank you for good food, good friends, and the wonderful hope in Jesus Christ.”

• The Somers Avenue teacher participating in their summer series taught Wed., the 3rd, on the New Testament Greek text in a clear and understandable way. His last point well underscored the purpose of the NT: to know Christ and become like him. Continue reading