The world is always moving beyond and below the disciple of Christ. Many a saint expresses surprise that society is changing, but such surprise betrays an expectation of the world that can only be true of heaven. The world is in a state of constant degradation (not stasis, and certainly not evolution), while heaven provides the only safe and stable environment for humans. That is why we must work to get to heaven, rather than focus our energies on improving society.

• To what point does a faithful saint attempt to stop the doctrinal seepage that invades the church generally? Or does one just stay at home and work with the local family of God, and let the rest of the brotherhood slide? That was the question a friend asked recently. Obviously, God is in charge of his kingdom, but how far does he want his people to go when the walls are breached elsewhere?

• No good, recent Portuguese Bible version is free to copy and reproduce. Copyrights, which I appreciate and respect, as a writer and publisher, have them all tightly bound up. Should the Word of God be treated differently from the way we work with other books? (English Bible versions aren’t in much of a better situation.) Continue reading