When you woke up and opened your eyes this morning, what was your first thought? At some point in the waking process, did you think, “Wow, I’m alive! God has given me yet another day of life!”?

Most of us probably don’t have those early thoughts. We expect to wake up. We count on another day. We seldom if ever consider the possibility of not popping open our eyes and jumping out of bed to continue what we paused doing yesterday. Continue reading

Very soon our time is going to change,
A greater change than a human’s hourly shift;
No longer will we follow the standard time:
The minute’s sweep to eternity will be swift;
From hours and days the starkness may seem strange:
Darkened hell for those who refuse the gift,
And humble seekers lifted to light sublime.

After many years he awoke from slumber
And counted hours he’d wasted, without number.
He couldn’t undo the past, now he was old;
From knowledge of what he’d lost, his heart was cold.
He doubled efforts and tried to right his loss—
A frantic race—his heavy albatross.