Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said that “cleanliness is next to godliness”? He meant the wash-behind-the-ears kind of cleanliness. The spiritual kind can make a case for being godliness. But after two months of my office being closed up and me using it for a couple weeks as the dust swirled before I could have it swished and swiped and spic and span, I’m close to going with the original intent.

• Last night, Micah taught the study in Ricardo and Marilia’s home in Taubate. He did a fine job, showing the gift of teaching. I pray he’ll use it more. He’s here for two weeks doing a field study for his degree, all he lacks before graduating in December. It’s good to have him here. Continue reading

Here are some items of interest from our city and region.


SJCampos celebrated its 242nd birthday on Monday. The city goes back to a Jesuit settlement around 1590, but recent official proclamations making it a municipality or some such is the chosen date. I personally like the older one. (Photo above: Avenida Tivoli, a few blocks from my office.) Continue reading