The Complaint of Clay

O Lord, can clay complain to the Potter?
And say, Why did you make me this way?
Why did you treat me in this manner?
Why do I not have the shape or color
Of that beautiful, privileged pot? Why not
A better quality of clay for me?

Of course not! So why do I question
Your wisdom, smolder resentful,
And pout at my defects—‘Poor me!’
I do. You know I do. And still
You work to mold me, ungrateful vessel
That I am. In fear, I wonder:

Might you tomorrow decide to quit,
Abandon this clay, and start anew?

How to do more. And be more

A few times people have asked me how I manage to do all the things I do.

Having all the kids gone from home helps, of course. And I have a devoted wife who picks up a lot of the slack and allows me time to write and work. But there’s more.

We live simply, with fewer of life’s distractions. We could do better here, but we’re working on it. Continue reading “How to do more. And be more”

Like a farmer

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground.”
Mark 4:26 NLT

We think of farming as something risky, even dangerous. Some people even call it a gamble, erroneously. One never knows if the seed will germinate, if the plant will grow, if the fruit will appear. So many factors, so many unknowns. Continue reading “Like a farmer”