So what’s it been now, four, five months? How does it feel to live in lockdown? Is there anything we can learn from this experience?

#1. We can’t live in isolation. We need people — physically near us — and more than just one or two family members. Remember that “no man is an island”? We were created as social creatures. As much as a blessing as the internet can be, it cannot substitute physical presence. Isolation creates stress. And while so many talk about how hard it is to work with or deal with people, we’re far worse off without them. You may say, well, sure, we all know that. If so, why are we living as if it weren’t true?

#2. Go read about the testing in Florida, with reported positive test results 10 times greater than the real results. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but something is deeply wrong with the whole approach here. I refuse to be cowed. I refuse to bow to the fear-mongering. We need not be stupid about risks, but neither must we faint or fear. The social Awe-and-Wow is smoke and mirrors, except when you get fined or jailed, but even then realize who the magician is behind the curtain. Continue reading

The powers of earth are weak, despite their noise,
Little can they do against the saints;
They cannot make the dead arise from the grave,
Or reach into the Beyond to steal the soul.

They’ve power to kill the body, but that is all —
God alone can destroy, or alone can save.
Success is sure for those whom God anoints;
His mighty arm gives Christians cause to rejoice.

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Control is God’s. Over all creation, his sway.
But we can change our destinies
And, by the gospel’s power,
Save many souls.
Let no saint shrink nor cower,
Nor doubt God hears men on their knees —
He moves the mountains for those who work and pray.

A different metrical scheme here, narrowing to the center line and then widening out again, giving emphasis to the fourth line.

No image today, sorry. I’m on the run, at the Iuka congregation’s building for Internet. Off again tomorrow early, to swap out rental cars, so we can move around as we stay in the US a bit longer. Then day after next, on the road again.

I pray you be blessed by this short piece today, a quick reminder of God’s sovereignty and our responsibility.

The follow was written for Chris Gallagher’s site, as part of a series of guest blogs on the subject. Mine was published earlier in the month of August.

In my bedroom is a relic. Not a religious artifact, but a family heirloom of sorts. On a shelf sits a carved turkey caller that my grandfather made years ago with his own hands. It is precious to me not only because it was his, but because he made it, he carved it with his own hands.

My sentiments about that turkey caller echo in a terribly weak way my feelings and convictions about the church of God. I made a list of what I love about the church, but the points are but swirls around the center. I love the church because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ created it, not merely with his own hands, but with his precious blood. Continue reading

Here’s the headline: “Ohio woman celebrates lottery win, then killed by car.” And here are the details of the story.

She wins $8000, celebrates in a bar, drinks, then leaves on foot, and is struck by a car. Not enough details to know if she stumbled, walked in front of the car, no knowing what happened. But it does make one wonder. Continue reading