My comments and posts have been scattered across the social-media universe. Today, I made a big decision to bring all that to my personal website. Here. That means you’ll now see, in all likelihood, several posts a day. If you’re subscribed to the website through the WordPress/Jetpack system, you’ll get emails. If that’s too much for you, you can hit the unsubscribe link in any of the emails. Continue reading

open-source-social-media[See my present connections here.] Federation. Decentralization. Privacy. Ownership. Open-source social media has sought its niche in one or more of these concepts. I’ve dabbled, followed, had a small impact in some of these projects, but I’ve never installed any of them. (Not counting WordPress, BoltWire, and various wikis.)

My perspective is that of user experience. A developer would take quite a different tack to discuss technical issues. I’m sure I use only a bit of the potential in these projects. I mention them below in the order that I remember joining. Continue reading

NOTE: The creators of Friendica used their experience to develop a still greater tool, RedMatrix. And the latest evolution, from all that experience, is Hubzilla. My spot is here.

Friendica is a social networking system that allows you to connect with people just about anywhere on the Internet. It’s free, it’s open, and it’s as private as you want to make it. How to get started using Friendica? Continue reading