This afternoon we’ll host a few brothers and sisters here in our home, for two hours, focusing on three segments.

  • A time of prayer together.
  • Discussion of how to better use our small groups for evangelism.
  • Opportunity questions, designed to help us see the good and positive in every situation.

For the latter two, I have two two-page handouts.

Pray it may contribute to growth in the efforts of us all here.

* Mark 7 was our text last night, as I follow the Bible reading schedule I worked up for 2010. We read the whole chapter. The Bible reading last night took well over an hour, since people comment a lot. I call it a reading instead of a study for a couple of reasons. One, “reading” seems lighter than “study,” not as intimidating for invitations. Two, “reading” seems to emphasize the text more than our effort of “study.” Or am I imagining that? Continue reading