An UPLift Poetry/Your Day to Shine offering
by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

Would that we could ever speak
Of grace and love, of pleasant peace,
Of time well spent to help the weak,
And seek the kingdom’s sure increase.

Those noble tasks by all are praised,
And everywhere by men admired,
For these the glorious banner’s raised,
For such are saints’ good works required.

But who will man the walls’ defense,
To refute the lying prophet’s tongue,
To repel attacks at great expense,
Demeaning work that goes unsung?

Were truth left with none to fight,
With none willing to enter the fray,
The darkness soon would douse the light,
With none to battle another day.

But truth needs no defense, say some;
But half a truth, and damning, is this,
As many men to silence succumb,
That many will the gospel miss.


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