For children born in a world of hate, have hope —
They’ll learn to love in a godly home where hearts
Are tender, eyes aren’t haughty, ears are quick
To hear the word of God — Have highest hopes!

For churches holding forth the truth, have hope —
In spite of walls and damning doctrines, light
Can penetrate the darkness, the glory of God
Can bring a sinner to turn — Have highest hopes!

For saints who serve in hard travails, have hope —
To suffer with Christ is honor, his hand upon you,
His power within will reap a harvest of souls —
We see not how he works — Have highest hopes!

Matthew 26.6-13

In leper Simon’s house, a woman came
To anoint the Lord, ignoring taunts of shame.
She gladly broke her alabastar jar
To pour on his head perfume that came from afar.
“What waste!” the Savior’s men complained, indignant.
“The poor have need!” They saw her gift a repugnant
Act of useless emotion. But Jesus saw
Her heart of love and the reason for their ire.
She knew he’d pay the heavy debt she owed.
“She poured this oil on my body to prepare
For burial. She can see the Servant’s path,
The pain of the cross, the overwhelming bath.
So leave her alone! In every place the News
Is preached, her deed will be told — she rose
To the occasion — the world will hear her story.
Oh, God, may her brave act be also my glory!

To God is precious the talent of one,
Through little people his work is done;
Be faithful when given the very least,
For from a fish God makes a feast.


This an original poem of mine, written this morning, before scooting off to the Taubaté congregation. You’re welcome to use it in print, with proper credits. You cannot reproduce it online, but we’d be happy for you to link to it here and share it with others.

READ: “Therefore I exhort you, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a sacrifice—alive, holy, and pleasing to God—which is your reasonable service” Rm 12.1.

THINK: God’s goodness inspires us to offer our lives to him as a sacrifice. He can now do with us as he pleases. We belong totally to him. Different from dead animal sacrifices, we are live ones; we are aware of all we do, rationally. To be pleasing is to be a sacrifice that God accepts. Continue reading

• The body cries for rest, tired from the day’s fullness (of blessing). It reaches that stage more quickly than in years past, most certainly from the increasing demonstrations of God’s goodness. Age has nothing to do with it. And with the body’s tired state, the mind gets more pensive.

• Two posts of mine today on The Fellowship Room about Catholicism on the move (or maybe, digging in) and my new favorite Corinthian Bible verse.

• Boo on hootsuite (social web app) for going to a paid service and yanking away free stuff I was using. Nambu (for Mac) now taking over most of my needs, after spending some precious time finding a replacement.

• Vicki and I travel out of state next Sunday for me to teach 1 Cor. and Hebrews at a preacher training school, over a week’s time. I’m racing to get it all done. Invite came suddenly, in short time frame, because of a situation there. They’re paying our airfare. Continue reading