The following audio comes from the Eureka IL congregation’s website. The sermon was shared with the saints there Sunday morning, Sept. 29, 2013. Length: 26 min.

It was preached originally in Portuguese and adapted for an American audience. (I preached it from my original outline in Portuguese.)

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  • After the BP petroleum platform disaster came cries to shut down oil exploration.
  • When serious problems arise in the church some cry it’s time to close the doors.
    • The apostle Paul didn’t think like that. Problems were to be fixed in order that souls might be saved.
  • The verb “save” is used 9 times in 7 contexts in 1 Corinthians.
    • The words “salvation” and “Savior” are not used in the letter.
    • Its appearance in strategic texts suggests that a main concern of Paul’s in the correction of problems is to save people’s souls.
    • The first passage (1:18, 21) and the last (15:1-2) appear to frame the collection with the mention of the preaching of the gospel. Continue reading

stack-biblesA brother asked a preacher to speak on Bible versions. The preacher asked his friends for ideas and points. I thought of these. What might you add to the list?

  1. The Scriptures were originally written in Hebrew, a bit of Aramaic, in the Old Testament, and Greek, in the New. The Greek used in writing the New Testament was the common language of the day, not the literary language used by the historians and authors of the time. Continue reading

Good attendance today at SJC, with 30 people, and at Taubate, with 14. For the very first time, I’m repeating my sermons at both congregations, which means Vicki and Leila and Jorge and Paula are hearing them twice.

I started a new series today, to continue to the end of the year, “Pondering the Depths of God,” title taken partly from the ESV/NRSV rendering of 1 Cor. 2:10. Continue reading

Jorge, Paula and Daniel spent the night with us Saturday, after the Christian ladies met in Taubate that afternoon at Aline’s house. They live in Sao Paulo and we often invite them to stay, but Jorge does a lot of research for his work on the weekends, so it’s not often they come. We were pleased they took us up this time.

After church Sunday, Vicki had prepared lunch, so we and Jorge’s family went back to our house to eat. Leila made her lemon pie, but I went for one of the brownies left over from our Wednesday night study. Continue reading