And they will turn away from hearing the truth, but on the other hand they will turn aside to myths.
2 Timothy 4.4 NET

When moderns call something a myth, we refer to a tale or story that is obviously untrue, a fiction created by primitives to explain their origins and give their existence meaning. It’s a word used today by look-down-the-nose superiors. Continue reading

Am sending today a special four-stanza poem to the Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry list, “From Craters on the Moon.” Below is the space for subscribers to comment. Later, I hope to share it with you as a hymn, since it’s in meter, also known as Short Meter.

• Speaking of the moon, this report says that “The moon’s crust was apparently active far more recently than previously believed, scientists say.” Imagine that, scientists having to correct their time projections! From 1 billion to 50 million years. That’s too many zeros for me to calculate, but the difference is something like me thinking you’d take 50 years to show up and you took five minutes. Not much difference, eh? Continue reading

You know the periodic table that hung on the wall of every science class you took at school? As of today, it’s wrong.

via Is the Periodic Table of Elements Wrong? –

Scientists said the Bible was wrong and Science was right. Then Pluto got demoted as a planet, and now the periodic table gets revised. Then they said, not 30 years ago (I remember reading grade-school science papers about it), that we were headed for another ice age, and now we facing global warming.

So can’t the scientists get anything right? Maybe they were wrong about the Bible, too, who knows?