saci-perereI’ve kept up with my 90-day Old Testament readings. Barely, but I’ve done each reading on the day of. Haven’t always had a chance to blog them, but I warned you I probably wouldn’t.

• A bit of Brazilian folklore? Saci-pererê is a mythical one-legged, magical character who pulls pranks. Methinks I need him just now to blame him for a few items. Not quite the same as “the devil made me do it,” so it ought to be all right, don’t you think? Continue reading

On the way back from lunch, I misstepped on an uneven sidewalk (that’s a redundancy in Brazil) and took a spill headlong. My right knee took the worst of it, with bruises and bloody scrapes. My blessing was that my beautiful face suffered no abrasions, stopping within a hairs breadth of the concrete. I also have bruised palms and chest. I’ll be sore for a few days, but that should be the worst of it.

Mike H., Mr BBQ himself, will say it was all punishment for going to the vegetarian restaurant.

On my way to lunch (I was on foot today), I ran into … The Missus and The Maiden. They’d bought fruits and vegetables at the open-air market (feira livre) next to Santos Dumont Park, always on Tuesdays, and were carrying their purchases to the car. How neat is that? Continue reading

The ladies left on a bus for Sao Paulo this afternoon and I returned to an empty house. Unless you count two dogs and three fish, which I don’t. Unless someone can hold an intelligent conversation, the house is empty. That even excludes some people I know.

Anyway, they’re staying the night in the capital for a ladies day tomorrow. Leila has a “festa junina” party, a cultural party, something like country hick party, done during June every year. All the schools and many clubs host them. This one will be hosted by the music school where she attends, but held at the owner’s home, the next block down from our house.

Speaking of block, yesterday the last lot in our stretch of street was cleared for construction. When we moved here 12 years ago, only about half of the some 96 lots in our little neighborhood had houses on them. There are now few left. Our area of town is becoming highly developed; it was nearly open country behind us when we arrived. SJC is growing, exploding, and the property values have likewise ballooned, so much so that we couldn’t buy our house today if we tried to do it over again.

Some of that is the steady decline of the US dollar over the past 10 years, a good part also unusually steep rise in property here in SJC. The population has grown from mid 400k to 700k today, over a 15-year period. A huge hike in human souls packed together.

Speaks all the more why we need to be here teaching the gospel.

Here are some items of interest from our city and region.


SJCampos celebrated its 242nd birthday on Monday. The city goes back to a Jesuit settlement around 1590, but recent official proclamations making it a municipality or some such is the chosen date. I personally like the older one. (Photo above: Avenida Tivoli, a few blocks from my office.) Continue reading