Glory for lingering

Glory to God for his immense patience, which seems to man nothing but a long delay, while humans clamor for justice, and the Lord lingers still before his coming, as a great act of mercy, allowing time for repentance!

Walk in the Lord’s light

walk light GodLight means life, joy, understanding, and purity. God is light. It’s his nature; light means discovery, while darkness means stumbling. In the light we meet one another, in the darkness we miss each other. We pass each other in the dark without seeing, without knowing.

O house of Jacob,
come, let us walk
in the light of the LORD.
Isaiah 2:5 ESV

Isaiah’s call to walk in the light is an invitation to repentance, to restoring obedience among the people, to abandon the darkness of idolatry and of the arrogance of rebellion. Continue reading “Walk in the Lord’s light”