God has never sinned, never does wrong, always does what is right. Jesus cures our souls and calls us to repentance. God has been called the God of the second chance. He commands us to sin no more, so that we might be his people and enjoy his fellowship. Blessed be the God of holiness!

Below are some of the flittery paragraphs, plus a few, that didn’t make the cut for today’s Forthright Magazine article, “Monday editorial flitter.”

¶ At the editorial link above, you’ve been given a Monarch butterfly to enjoy. Around here, though, the common butterfly is solid yellow, a smiling burst of joy that flutters the heart. Can’t miss them.

¶ Jesus is called the Word because he expresses the mind of God. “As a word is an exact image of an idea, so is ‘The Word’ an exact image of the invisible God” (A. Campbell).

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READ: “Watch yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him. If he repents, forgive him.” Lk 17.3.

THINK: We can’t refuse to forgive a brother and expect God’s forgiveness, Mt 6.12-15. Forgiveness is more than not taking a brother’s error into account; it seeks his restoration through loving confrontation. He who loves rebukes; letting a brother continue in sin shows a lack of concern for his eternal destiny. Continue reading

READ: “Therefore, although God has overlooked such times of ignorance, he now commands all people everywhere to repent” Acts 17.30 NET.

THINK: Repentance, a commandment of God, is the decision to change. We abandon idols (our preferences) in order to serve God, 1Th 1.9-10. God no longer permits the ignorance of the past. Continue reading

This verse reached out and touched me this morning.

But I am full of the courage that the Lord’s Spirit gives,
and have a strong commitment to justice.
This enables me to confront Jacob with its rebellion,
and Israel with its sin.
Micah 3.8 NET.

I — In contrast with the false prophets who mislead the people, v. 5.

full — more than completely equipped.

Courage — what’s needed to do the difficult task, against all odds.

that the Lord’s spirit gives — the source is God, without whom the task would be overwhelming.

strong commitment to justice — a keen sense of what is right, which also comes from the Lord, in contrast with the leaders who “hate what is good, and love what is evil” v. 2.

to confront — what no one else will do, by speaking or stating in clear terms, in hopes of repentance on the part of the people.

This verse also applies to me as a follower of Christ, whose task is to proclaim repentance to all and forgiveness of every sin.