If you want to join a gym to work out in Brazil, you have to have a cardiologist’s permission, says the government. There are so many rules and regulations to government, it’s impossible to keep up with them all. If government wants to catch you on something, it won’t have to search far for some transgression of the law.

Estimates say that the U.S. tax code has more than 73,000 pages. Not all that volume applies to everyone, but income tax is so complicated, many people have to run to specially trained preparers. Continue reading

Shall we not leave the faith to the pros?
For living for Christ is the thorn of the rose,
Too tough for the layman, the teaching is hard,
And heavy the need to be always on guard.

Let preachers and elders then do all the lifting,
And college professors the doctrinal sifting;
Such wisdom’s required above and beyond —
We commoner folk don’t know how to respond.

If God had wanted his meaning to be plain,
He’d make the Way easy, removing the pain;
The experts must guide us and save us much woe —
God never expected the masses to know.

If Karl Mark thought that religion was the opiate of the people, today some educated people think that religion is the plague of society. They’ve not learned to distinguish between popular religion and the word of God, the latter of which ought to interest all educated people, like this high official of the Roman Empire: Continue reading

Campus Crusade for ChristCampus Crusade for Christ, an evangelical outreach group, is changing its name to … Cru. Seriously. These guys need some marketers who know their business. Not some motley crew. Or Motley Crue.

First, they’re dropping “Campus” because they got mission creep and started different programs. So far, so good.

Then, Crusade sounds too medieval, creepy, and offensive to Muslims. So it goes out the window as well. Are you with me?

Next, they ax “Christ” from their name, too. They say that the meaningless name “Cru enables us to have discussions about Christ with people who might initially be turned off by a more overtly Christian name. We believe that our interaction and our communication with the world will be what ultimately honors and glorifies Christ.” Continue reading

You know the periodic table that hung on the wall of every science class you took at school? As of today, it’s wrong.

via Is the Periodic Table of Elements Wrong? – FoxNews.com.

Scientists said the Bible was wrong and Science was right. Then Pluto got demoted as a planet, and now the periodic table gets revised. Then they said, not 30 years ago (I remember reading grade-school science papers about it), that we were headed for another ice age, and now we facing global warming.

So can’t the scientists get anything right? Maybe they were wrong about the Bible, too, who knows?

Jesus has become the guarantee of a better covenant.
Hebrews 7:22 NET

Aren’t all religions equal? And, some would ask, equally useless?

Those who think so believe that religion is nothing more than a human creation. And, in every case but one, they are right.

When God creates a religion, or, better, a system of faith, when he reveals truths that make up an entirety, when he fixes what man messed up through his sin, one does not have just any religion, but the means through which man must learn to relate to God. Continue reading

On the church-of-Christ email group, somebody noted that Gov. Rick Perry signed a statute to protect students’ religious rights. I wrote this below after reading about it.

I don’t know whether to see this positively or not. It’s existence testifies to the sorry state of the US where religious values have to be fought for and legislated over rather than generally accepted. It signals, I suppose, a battle victory on the one hand, but may represent a losing war as the richest country in the world, in that period of its richest material gains, turns its back on those principles which brought it to power. I’m no prophet nor son of a prophet, and perhaps there will be a widespread “restoration of 50s values,” as some groups hope, but as world powers go, it’s said that the US has overstayed its allotted time at the head of the list.

However a country may wind its way through the mysterious mazes of the world, be it our own or on the far side of globe, the family of God holds its course as the Sovereign’s obedient, holy, and busy people to do his will for his pleasure and preach the gospel of eternal salvation to nations which have always needed it, regardless of peace or war, liberty or slavery, prosperity or want.

What a blessed hope to be counted as citizens of a heavenly nation, where every law is just, every citizen equal, every responsibility fair, and every privilege but the pointer to the perfect state we shall enjoy forever before the glorious throne of our Creator and Savior.