The Son of Man was heaped with shame,
Stripped of dignity, the strain of sin
Upon his shoulders, pain of many:
The suffering Servant paid the ransom,
Freed all those in fear of death.

We share the Savior’s shame, his work
Scorned by worldly sinners, rejected
By rebellious scoffers, hated
By those determined to change his will—
Our hands hold the holy key.

For crime or sin, let no Christian suffer;
Let life be pure, our light undimmed
By doubt or fear or disobedience—
Let Christ be all and the Cross our glory,
Let heaven feed our daily hope.

The Son of Man, abandoned, alone,
Bore sins and suffered for all;
And I upon my bed lie prone—
Why was man allowed to fall?

For time untold I embraced the dark,
And fled the revealing light;
Then Jesus came and left his mark,
And rescued me from the night.

I sleep to rest, with naught to fear,
The quiet around me wrapped;
God’s angels guard from heaven’s sphere,
Where all my treasures are kept.

Man free to choose, required to leave
The garden’s safe confines—
In my repose, I best believe
The Cross most brightly shines.

by J. Randal Matheny, © 2012, Cloudburst Poetry

In wings and walls fine cracks appear,
In time grow weak the hands and feet;
The wear and wrinkles spread by year,
And dangers breed within the street.

The world is winding down as well,
Its groans portend its slow demise;
Its plates go sliding into hell,
As oceans boil, creation dies.

The faithless scorn the signs of stress,
Proclaim that human muscle grows,
In face of failure, tout success,
Ignore what every student knows.

Though death and downfall hover near,
And mountains shake, the masses stay
Their petty course, from pounding fear,
Refusing to seek their God and pray.

Of man a remnant God will save:
Those who for his justice strive
Will not descend to Satan’s grave —
By heaven’s hand will I survive.

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