How Small We Seem

How small we seem in God’s great scheme,
With billions of stars and drops and creatures;
The Creator knows the few he chose,
He sees our feats and fears and features.

UPLift: Love Is Kind

Love is kind, refuses to be rude,
It feeds upon God’s saving truth for food,
Shrinks not from sharing news for Jesus’ likeness,
But humbly — softly — gently — pierces darkness.

—J. Randal Matheny © 2015

The inspiration for this quatrain was Jacob Rutledge’s post and my report on it at BNC, about love that shuns rudeness.


Poem: The Train

Life is a train

With shudders, noise, and billowed smoke
The train shoots down the rails,
A blur with every steamy stroke,
This life of hills and vales.

3 poetic tidbits

Inspired by John H.’s tip on Diaspora to carry an umbrella today because of the falling satellite, “Oh, Chicken Little”:

Oh, Chicken Little, the sky is falling,
And satellite pieces from space;
Is Jesus, too, about to come calling,
To raise us from this planet’s face?

My good-night couplet from last night, “I Sleep”: Continue reading “3 poetic tidbits”