Andrew Mackay calls editors “tortured souls with red pens.” The question is, have they become editors because they are tortured souls, or are their souls tortured by spilling ink on authors’ manuscripts? Or by writers’ horrid mistakes? Or maybe it’s just some kind of personal confession of his.

Then again, maybe the writing editor made a slip (existential question of the day: do editors err?) and meant to say, “torturing souls.” Nah, only authors believe that. Editors are the author’s necessary evil, and maybe the adjective can be dispensed with, some writers think.

At least, Mackay recognizes that editors are the author’s salvation. For he are one.

My business associate Barbara Ann Oliver emailed me this afternoon that my book CHOOSE! has arrived from the printer today.

Our US representative (Barbara Ann is in Costa Rica right now) told her the book is in perfect condition and looks really good.

I’m anxious to get my hands on it.

Here’s the info that’s being sent out about the book:

CHOOSE! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul is just in time for a great graduation gift, a personal motivator or a group study.

Life is not predetermined nor destined. People have great power in their choices. In almost poetical language, the author hones in on important choices such as contentment, gratitude, failure, health, humor, people, focus and ambition, among others.

For more information, see this PDF file or go to the website:

“Well written, this book encourages and motivates the reader to make wise, scriptural choices in life. A book not easy to put down, it is excellent for the classroom, coffee table or as a gift.” – Glenda Williams, Geneva, Alabama