Blessed be the God who imparts to his people his own character and glory, whose righteousness endures forever, who makes the obedient to stand, who blesses continually the godly, who makes a light shine for them in the darkness, who keeps them from ever being upended, who makes the desire of the wicked to perish! What delight to serve the Lord and to obey his commands!

Psa 111 and Psa 112.

Many recognize that the commercial media is a means of manipulation and base appeal, in order to persuade the consumer to think, act, and buy according to the subtlety (or not) of suggestion. (It’s ironic to see people talk so much about being independent using brand-name clothing, mass technology, and popular products.) Friends are another strong influence of opinion and conduct. In one way or another, something or someone will direct and control our thoughts. Continue reading