Nothing Happening?

When nothing seems to happen, God works still,
When time appears to stop, the Lord still acts,
The emptiness is the moment he can fill,
And knowing he doesn’t rest, I can relax.

God doesn’t always need to work a miracle

The proclamation of the Good News of Christ should have convinced the Jews, since they were waiting for the Messiah, possessed the Holy Scriptures which spoke of him, and witnessed the Lord’s miracles. But no! They killed him and would have done the same with the apostles. The members of the Sanhedrin “became furious and wanted to execute them” Acts 5.33.

They did not kill them only because God acted. Do you want to see what he did to save the Twelve? Continue reading “God doesn’t always need to work a miracle”

Glory for caring

To the one and only God who cares deeply for his daughters and sons, who watches day and night over his people, who values them more highly the the birds of the sky and the flowers of the field, to him be all glory and honor!

A Spider Dropped Above My Head

By J. Randal Matheny © 2016

Working at my desk I wrote,
With God in mind and truths of note;
A spider dropped above my head,
Suspended by an unseen thread.

He looked a lonely creature, though
His web supported him below;
Just so, the Savior cares for me,
With help and grace I cannot see.

Glory for protection

Glory to God who protects us from so many unknown dangers, from despair in the midst of trials, from faithless opponents of the faith! Blessed be his name, great above all names, who opens prison doors, who frees the fearful spirit, who breaks the bonds of addiction and sin! God is good!