Ye ole personal site has been quiet of late, much work on several Brazilian projects. But you may assuage your grief with my newest Corollaries segment here, highlighting items about the letter to the Philippians, among other subjects.

The Fellowship Room may get moved off the WordPress hosting service, to our own. Advantages are no ads, plus use of plugins (like a Bible highlighter). The big disadvantage is getting the Fellows moved over. Continue reading

* A couple of people (maybe more, that I don’t know about) have railed at the BNc story about the debate on doing benevolence from the church treasury. Along the lines of how it’s such a waste of time. Ironic that they spend time venting about this waste of time. Now, I probably wouldn’t spend time debating that topic. But if there are those who want to limit the good works a church may do, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to discuss that question. Continue reading