Make fun of lists? Who’d do a thing like that?
By lists mankind for years has lived and thrived!
And God likes lists! Sons of Jehoshaphat,
Our dos and don’ts, the virtues God has prized.

If God can make much use of lists, then we
Can also, to good effect — certainly!
Unless your mind can always act on cue,
Make a list to know what you should do.

Bullet Journal notebook

Thirteen months ago, I jotted some notes about my one-month experience with Bullet Journal. Now, more than a year has passed. Here are some observations on the longer experience with this organizational system.

SKIPPY HERE, FULL THERE. Even in those periods when I didn’t keep up daily with the journal, sometimes I did mark items in the monthly habit tracker. So there was progress being made. At other times, when I was slow to set up the monthly calendar and the habit tracker, I was using the daily pages, including tasks by memory. So one way or the other, I was taking advantage of the momentum that the journal was providing. Continue reading

Bullet Journal project page

I’m posting this longish review here on my Walking with God site because the spiritual life is often messy, disorganized and, yes, lazy. Or the best word might be “neglected.” The Bullet Journal can help here, too, and can help unify one’s life, work, and service to God. So give the article a good read.

There was not a single day that I did not consult and follow the notebook during the first month of using the Bullet Journal. That must be some sort of record for me. I usually tire or feel cramped by organizational systems or PIMs. I did not with this one. Maybe I’m just getting more mature, who knows, but I do chalk up the flexibility of the system to helping hold my attention. Continue reading

The article, Time Management, is longish, but leaving off reading it will be to your great loss. Though written by a denominational, there might be two words I’d bicker over. It sparkles with biblical perspective, sharp quotations, and practicality. It works more on the principle, than by giving tips or suggestions, which is laudable. Here’s an illustration from the article:

Imagine a line of string that stretches across the room. Now take that line of string and extend it through the walls and outside the building where you are sitting. Carry that line out as far as you can see, in both directions, and allow it to disappear beyond the horizon. If you could take an airplane and fly along that line of string in either direction, it would continue to stretch out in front of you. The string would not simply wrap itself around the world, but it would reach beyond our atmosphere, extending out into space, beyond our solar system, beyond our universe. The line is never-ending.

Now, take a pen and make a scratch on this line of string – just one mark. That lone scratch is your earthly life in the scope of eternity. Continue reading

Today seems to be taken with the gospel of Mark, chapter 1, the reading from the daily Bible schedule. Both my Forthright editorial, “Prepare the Way, Before the Time,” and a TFR thought, focusing on Jesus as a man of action, are based on it. There’s still time for you to jump in and do this yearly New Testament reading with us, because it starts today. One chapter a day, weekdays only. Start right here: Mark 1.

This morning was productive, zipped by as I knocked out the tasks. Amazing how a new year re-energizes. Now to keep it up. Continue reading