Glory for listening

Everything begins and ends with God. He knows all, but he can change the course of events through prayer. He is immutable, but willing to answer our supplications. He does things he would not do otherwise if we did not ask. He will do his will, but desires we cooperate in it. Glory to God for listening!

Training today with three segments

This afternoon we’ll host a few brothers and sisters here in our home, for two hours, focusing on three segments.

  • A time of prayer together.
  • Discussion of how to better use our small groups for evangelism.
  • Opportunity questions, designed to help us see the good and positive in every situation.

For the latter two, I have two two-page handouts.

Pray it may contribute to growth in the efforts of us all here.

What’s the Point?

What good does it do — what’s the point?
Why keep on doing what makes no sense,
What makes no difference? O God, what’s the use?

My child, just trust me.

I see no change, no results, no growth!
So where’s the power to make things happen?
Is something horribly wrong with me?

My child, all in good time.

When will we see something change?
When will somebody obey the gospel?
When will Jesus come for his church?

My child, when is the wrong question.

But can’t we see something happen
In the meantime, while we wait?
A sign that you are working now?

My child, open your eyes.

O God, here I am, send me.
Our Father, give us this day our bread.
Make me like the Lord Jesus Christ.

My child, that’s what I want to hear.
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Glory for hearing

Glory to the Lord God over the church of all ages, the God who lives in heaven and rules over all the kingdoms of the nations, the God who possesses strength and power, the God against whom none can stand! Praise the God who hears the cry of his people in distress, the God who hears and delivers, the God who protects his own and destroys the enemy!

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Action: Pray

READ: “constantly pray” 1Th 5.17.

THINK: Constancy is a main feature of prayer, in the name of Christ, Jn 15.16, in the Holy Spirit, Jd 20, for the saints, Eph 6.18, with faith, Jas 1.5-8, for the work of Christ, Lk 10.2. It includes praise, gratitude, supplications, intercessions, confession, Mt 6.5-15. Prayer is for every moment. In prayer we talk to God, half of our conversation with him. (In the Bible, he speaks to us.) Continue reading “Action: Pray”

Glory for prayer

Glory to God for prayer, through which we may lay every concern, every hurt, every joy, every thought before his throne and be assured that he hears and answers with love in our best interest and that of the gospel.

To the world completely foreign

“For the benefit of the Lord’s cause, many godly men and their respective families travel to areas of the world completely foreign in order to help but a few plant the seed of the word (Luke 8:11), doing what they can to water, leaving to God for the plant’s growth (1 Cor. 3:6). Let us pray for foreign missionaries, and let us do what we can to support them in their work (cf. Rom. 15:24). A most important work it is.” —Sent Preachers | etsop95.